Dear friends of the world wide web,

I love Japan. Actually, I don’t know much about it, but I’ve always wanted to go there with two empty suitcases so I could come back with tons of stationery, photography-related products and clothes. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go there yet, but the day will come. Today I’m going to upload some images from Japanese photographers that I’ve stumbled upon on the vast world of Flickr. The one that most caught my attention is Hideaki Hamada (as you will see, I’ve uploaded tons of photos from him, since I had a hard time making a small selection), who takes photos of his daily life and especially his children (well at least I think they’re his children, maybe they’re just two random kids, in which case it would be quite disturbing). The thing is, all these photographers have several things in common that make me deeply love their work. The way they use light and the tranquility that the photos radiate is awesome. And I really like it when a photo conveys this kind of feeling (I guess I, too, try to convey that in my photographs whether intentionally or not).


Takafumi Goto

Masato Tsukamoto

Kazuo Maruo

What about this cityscape and its light? Amazing. Another thing I like about these photos is that they don’t seem to have any kind of pretension; what matters here is to portray the quotidian, little details of our daily lives. Through that these photographers probably convey more, but in the end what I’ll remember is the idea that the people in these photographs seem to be having fun, or enjoying their surroundings, which is what life is all about. Right? Here’s a nice example shot by Hamada:


All these photographers also seem to shoot with film cameras, especially medium format ones (it seems many of them like the Pentax 67). These give the images great grain, tone, and definition. Love yah.

Then there’s Masato, who has taken photos like these. I love how he captures light.

Aaaah, Japan. The paradise of all things. Seriously, let’s move to Japan. Which will also be handy since it’ll mean we’ll be closer to South Korea, and once a week we’ll be able to go there to stalk K-Pop idols (yes I do love K-pop for those of you who didn’t know) and buy BigBang socks (BigBang you rule). Somehow I’ll win the lottery, I’ll buy tons of stationery and then I’ll buy this whole store:

A couple rolls of film, give or take. Fascinating.

Well, I think I made my message pretty clear. Let’s move to Norway. Hah, hilarious! No, let’s move to Japan. Here are some more portraits by Hamada. Hideaki for president.

Oh! One more thing. Since I’m talking about Japan, let me recommend you a book I recently finished: it is called Kinshu: Autumn Brocade, and the author is Teru Miyamoto. It’s really beautiful!

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