Dear netizens. When I did my photo exhibition, I also sold a few postcards along with the other two girls who I was collaborating with. Some of these were misprinted in the back (kinda misaligned, or something like that) and so we didn’t use them. I have a bunch here lying around that I would like to send to anybody who wants them. If you want one, give me your address (via private message or email to and I will send you one with a few lines so you can sell them on eBay when I am famous (soon). Let me know which of these two you want! 

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Hanging out with friends and family around Barcelona in between written words.

Another one from the exhibition. Oma, Brugge, 2013.

Today is the last day of the exhibition! It’s been a great experience. It all started last year, when Celia finished her MA in cultural affairs (?) (it’s called gestión cultural here) and found a new coworking space next to her place and befriended the founder. She showed him my website and asked if we could organize an exhibition someday, and he was really interested, so we started working on it. I first selected some images that I really liked and then tried to find a way to connect them, to see if they fit a particular theme. After a bit of reflection I realized most of my images kind of fit the same subject, so it wasn’t that hard… We decided to have a collective exhibition and so found Mariana and LaNegraH, who collaborated with a video exploring the same topic in a different way.

These photos were shot by my dad last weekend, when I went to Madrid. The first day was amazing, with lots of people showing up, including some that I hadn’t seen in a really long time. I also gave a little talk about my work since I first started, which made me think I should write about it in here… Soon. 

Having Celia on board was great, because she is very dedicated. Due to my MA I’m so busy and distracted that I hardly have time to work on anything else and she made things so much easier. She even repainted the walls of the exhibition space and told me she wants to move the exhibition around. So, look out, you might see me at the MoMA someday. Sure.